TOZO A2 Review – How Good Can Cheap Mini Wireless Earbuds Really Be?

Written by Pete Anthony

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TOZO is one of many seemingly obscure yet quickly upcoming ChiFi audio companies – in a few recent years, they’ve managed to create a handful of very popular and top selling wireless earbuds. The A2 Mini is the next generation of their popular budget A1 Mini, and is similarly very inexpensive at around $15.

I’ll be honest, I did test the A1 and gave it a fairly negative overall review. Not because they didn’t sound good – they do – but rather because the on-ear bud design style they utilized is, in my opinion, fundamentally flawed and basically renders wireless earphones nonfunctional, both sonically and fit wise.

That’s why I was very glad to see TOZO ditch this design style (and pretty much everyone is at this point) and opt for a in-ear “notch” design that was made popular with Apple’s AirPods.

Tozo A2 Mini box on arrival

box on arrival
Tozo A2 Mini back of box with product specs

back of box product specs
Tozo A2 Mini contents out of the box

out of the box

Does The TOZO A2 Mini Have Good Packaging?

The A2 Mini has excellent packaging for the bare minimum price. A hard box slides out that contains contoured packing foam to hold the case solidly in place, which the earbuds are inside. The remaining space is partitioned for a smaller box that contains the remaining accessories.

What Accessories Come With The TOZO A2 Mini?

  • quick start pamphlet
  • user manual booklet
  • charging/carrying case
  • short USB type C charging cable
  • 5 additional pairs of different shape/style silicone replacement tips


Tozo A2 Mini earbuds with and without tip on
with and without tip
Tozo A2 Mini earbud backTozo A2 Mini earbud front
earbud back and front

How Good and Comfortable Is the Tozo A2 Mini Fit?

TOZO A2 Mini earbud in ear fit

I was able to get a comfortable and secure feeling fit, with a solid seal that didn’t break when I moved my head, face, or jaw around. The default tips felt fine, but I liked the slightly wider style grey tips a little more. I didn’t run into any issues with the earbuds falling out or giving a hanging out and down sensation.

The fact that the A2 Mini has no less than six different tips to choose from makes me feel very confident most people will be able to achieve the same.

fit instructions from manual

There’s a two step process for inserting these earbuds properly: push then twist the notch counter clockwise. It takes a little bit of care and effort but the A2 Mini is relatively easy to put on and take off.

Does The TOZO A2 Mini Have Good Controls That Are Easy to Use?

The A2 Mini has touch controls with all the basic functions you’d expect, and I found them to be reliable. You have to be pretty emphatic with double taps to track, else the song will just pause. You can track while paused though, and you’ll hear a beep to confirm that the command went through.

Tozo A2 Pairing

Connecting/pairing the A2 Mini to my phone was very easy – they automatically enter pairing mode when you first charge them then take out of the case, and you just select “TOZO-A2” on your device. If for some reason they don’t pair, one earbud doesn’t turn on, or something else funky happens, there’s instructions on how to reset them that are a little involved but it can be done.

Tozo A2 Mini list of touch control functions from manual

touch control functions from manual

List of TOZO A2 Mini Touch Control Functions:

  • pause/play – 1 tap on either earbud
  • track forward – 2 taps on right earbud
  • reset track, track back – 2 taps on left earbud
  • increase volume – touch and hold right earbud
  • decrease volume – touch and hold left earbud
  • accept incoming call – 1 tap on either earbud
  • end/reject call – 2 taps on either earbud
  • voice assistant on/off – 3 taps on either earbud

Durability: Is The TOZO A2 Mini Waterproof and/or Dustproof?

The A2 Mini has a IPX5 certification code – the “5” digit means the earbuds are resistant to splashing water, but not full immersion, and the penultimate “X” digit means they are not certified against dust or debris. Wireless earbuds with double digit IP codes are, for now, much less common and usually significantly more expensive. In any case, the A2 Mini should be fine for most types of active use.

Do note that the charging case does not also carry an IP code certification from what I can see (other TOZO wireless earbuds actually have waterproof charging cases as well).

Does The TOZO A2 Mini Have Good Isolation and/or Active Noise Cancellation?

The A2 Mini offers some isolation but not a lot – I’d put it in the low-medium area. These will be fine for basic commuter use, but will probably fall short in situations that need higher isolation or active noise cancellation, the latter of which the A2 Mini does not have.


Tozo A2 Mini charging and carrying case top

Tozo A2 Mini charging and carrying case opened inside

Tozo A2 Mini in case charging up

plugged in and charging up

How Fast Does The TOZO A2 Mini Charge?

The quoted charge times are 1.2 hours for the earbuds, and 2 hours for the case, and I found these figures to be more or less accurate. They do not appear to have rapid partial recharge.

How Good Is the TOZO A2 Mini Battery Life?

The quoted battery life is 5 hours of play time on the earbuds and 3 full recharges on a fully charged case, giving a grand total of 20 hours of potential juice without a plug. Keep in mind these numbers will likely go down in harsher climates. 5 and 20 hours of bud and case charge respectively is comparatively mediocre, but perfectly acceptable for something as inexpensive as these earbuds are.

Does The TOZO A2 Mini Have Good Warranty Coverage?

All TOZO earbuds have a 30 day no-questions-asked return window, and a one year warranty against manufacturing defects. For a pair of true wireless earbuds less than $20 this is about as good as it gets.

Volume: Does The TOZO A2 Mini Get Loud Enough?

TOZO doesn’t list any sensitivity or power specs with any of the A2 Mini literature, but I was able to easily get them to my normal comfortable listening volume, and they seem to be able to get plenty loud.

The Important Question: Does the TOZO A2 Mini Sound Good?

I have tested and reviewed a few TOZO earbuds already and so far have been very impressed with their sound quality for the price, and I was definitely interested in seeing how far this company could stretch a $15/unit budget.

Suffice to say, yes, the A2 Mini sounds quite good overall, and extremely good for the minimal price.

What I’m mainly looking for in my initial 30 seconds of listening with budget gear is if there are any obvious, possibly deal breaking flaws, and the A2 Mini didn’t have any.

The A2 Mini has a fairly warm U shape that seems to be characteristic to all TOZO earbuds, and it makes for really easy extended casual listening. The bass is definitely tuned up a little, which is pretty common with budget earbuds, but not to an egregious degree.

The bass extension was impressively good. I couldn’t find any quoted information on the response range, but the drops I normally test all came though fully, and that doesn’t usually happen with budget earbuds. The bass itself is a little rumbly and muddy, and can noticeably drown out the mids and mid/highs.

So how does the TOZO A2 Mini compare to monitor caliber earbuds that are more than ten times as expensive?

Well, the A2 Mini just doesn’t have the clarity, separation, and individual detail that something like the $200 Galaxy Buds Pro has; and you can definitely notice that the A2 Mini bass gets a little loose and overpowers the mids. But I will say, for just how dang cheap the A2 Mini is it really holds its own when A/B tested against monitors.

Final Verdict: Is The TOZO A2 Mini Worth Buying?

If you’re looking for a decent sounding and easy enough to wear and use pair of wireless earbuds for as cheap as possible, then I can strongly recommend the A2 Mini earbuds. For less than $20 they bring as much if not more to the table than other brands that cost significantly more. I am glad TOZO ditched the on-ear bud design of the legacy A1 Mini (don’t get those) and switched to a in-ear “notch” style design because the latter is functionally just way better.

The only downside of the A2 Mini is that the pill shaped case is a little on the large and bulky size. If pocket real estate is of paramount importance to you, and you’re willing to pay a little more, the TOZO T6 has the compact lighter style case and is otherwise just as good if not a little better in every other way.

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