Great Sound Is for Everyone. Not Just the Audiophiles.

Welcome, what’s this site all about?

Our objective is to publish high quality, comprehensive, yet still succinct audio equipment reviews and informational articles. We want to help you overcome “too many choices” fatigue and simply find the most enjoyable sound, for however much money is worth it for you to spend on it, whether it be a $20 pair of commuter earbuds or a $2,000 pair of HiFi home theater speakers.

Here’s how we do that, and what we believe in:


Audio is always going to be somewhat subjective, but we can make reviews and comparisons as objective as possible by basing them on quantifiable and industry standardized specifications.

No Arbitrary Point Scales

There isn’t and never will be such thing as a perfect 10/10 or 5-star speaker. And even if there were, what happens when it comes about after the fact? All of the prior written review scores would necessarily change and need to be reassessed and rewritten. That’s because sound quality is relative, not timelessly absolute, thus point/star/whatever scales don’t work or actually make sense. Rather, the most logical way to rank things is comparatively by price tier, e.g. the best all around bookshelf speakers available for $200 or less, and to regularly update best-of articles as newer and better products get released.


Review and discuss products in a way that the average consumer can reasonably understand and ultimately decide if something is worth buying or not, because that’s why you’re probably here. No bogging reviews down with irrelevant information overload, inscrutable jargon, or rambling walls of text that don’t actually have any substance.

Audio products can have, in utter contrast to most other consumer electronics, a long lifespan of several years or more. It is thus absolutely worth it to do your due diligent research before you pull the trigger. Our goal is to help you do that and choose gear that you’ll be truly happy with.