TOZO T6 vs T12 Wireless Earbuds Comparison – Which is Better?

Written by Pete Anthony

TOZO T6 case and earbudsTOZO T12 2022 case and earbuds

TOZO has, in recent years, come to prominence in the world of portable audio with the release of several highly performant wireless earbuds at minimal prices. The T6, which originally came out in 2018 and was updated in 2022, is their arguable flagship product and has amassed a lot of popularity and attention – it has remained at the top of Amazon’s best sellers list for a few years now.

The T12 originally came out a bit later than the T6, in 2020, and was also updated circa mid 2022. Though fairly similar to the T6, and with arguable improvements upon it, the T12 never became as popular as the massively successful T6, but did garner enough attention to make a lot of people ask how these two products compare, and if one is indeed better than the other. That’s what this article will expound – I’ve reviewed both the T6 and T12, and while they are fairly similar at a basic level, they do have a few key differences that are worth talking about.

TOZO T6 vs T12 Side by Side at a Glance

TOZO T6 earbud frontTOZO T12 2022 earbud front

T6 vs T12 earbud front
TOZO T6 earbud backTOZO T12 2022 earbud back

T6 vs T12 earbud back

TOZO T6 charge carry caseTOZO T12 2022 wireless earbuds and case plugged in and charging up

T6 vs T12 case

What Are the Main Differences Between the TOZO T6 and T12?

Spec wise the T6 and T12 are very similar. They both have IPX8 waterproofing certification on both the earbuds and case, which is neat. They both have comparatively excellent purported battery life that is similar. They both also have the same control schematic that’s relatively easy to use with the flat matte backs of the earbuds. I’d say there are only two significant physical differences between the two:

Build/Design Style – The T6 earbud is more compact and nondescript/uncontoured, whereas the T12 has a more traditional contoured earphone style that is quite big and bulky. Despite this, the T12 can fit securely like the T6 can.

Case – The T6 case has a very compact and rounded design that is clearly intended to easily sit in and be taken in/out of a pocket or other such thing, whereas the T12 case is quite large and bulky, mainly out of necessity to be able to fit the large earbuds themselves. The T12 case does have LED lights to indicate the current battery percentage of each earbud and the case itself which is a neat feature that the T6 case does not have. The T12 case also uses a USB-C port for charging while the T6 case uses micro USB.

Does the TOZO T6 or T12 Have Better Fit and Comfort?

Both the T6 and T12 come with an array of different size and style replacement tips moreso than most budget earbuds do, which greatly reduces the likelihood that a particular person will run into a fit issue. I was able to achieve a solid and comfortable feeling fit with both the T6 and T12. However, the T12 had issues with the seal that could significantly alter the sound in a negative way, which I posited in my review are a result of design flaws with the sheen rubber tips and the earbud nozzles. I talked about this fully in my T12 review which you can find via the links below.

Does the TOZO T6 or T12 Sound Better?

Both the T6 and The T12 sound decent for their similar price-point, but I do think the T6 sounds better overall. While they both have a Harman/U-shape sound signature, which is a fairly standard target for budget headphones, the bass of the T12 is very tuned up and results in an overall looser, boomy-er, and fatigue prone sound. The T6, while still somewhat bassy, is more even and sounds better overall as a result in my opinion.

One other issue with the T12 is that the Bluetooth signal has audible feedback, with a noise that’s reminiscent of the older Bluetooth v4 headphones from 4-5 years ago. I wouldn’t say this was distracting enough to be a deal breaker, but I could hear it when listening to certain songs if I tried to pay attention for it.

Which Is Ultimately the Better Choice: The TOZO T6 or T12?

While the T12 has potential issues, I do think it’s an overall decent product, but I also think the T6 is the better choice. The T6 has slightly better sound, is much more compact, and doesn’t have weird sound altering seal issues or audible Bluetooth feedback. The T6 is also less expensive than the T12. The T6 overall is a really great product and there’s a reason it has remained so popular over the recent years.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for something really bassy and want the led battery life indicator feature, the T12 is a perfectly solid alternative choice, and it also has the waterproof buds and case like the T6 does.

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