TOZO T6 vs T10 Wireless Earbuds Comparison – Which Is Better?

Written by Pete Anthony

TOZO T6 earbuds and caseTOZO T10 earbuds and case

TOZO’s emergence into the limelight as an audio company is largely due to the massive success of their T6 and T10 true wireless earbuds. Since their original debut circa 2018, these two earbuds have collectively amassed over a whopping 500k ratings on Amazon, and the only company that has more than that is none other than Apple. Both the T6 and T10 were subsequently upgraded circa mid-2022.

The seeming consensus among users and reviewers is largely positive and that both the T6 and T10 are great products. And, having fully reviewed both of them myself, I also echo that same sentiment.

You probably realize like many others that the T6 and T10 seem quite similar. Given that, and the fact that they are both such popular earbuds, it’s not surprising that a lot of people have asked which one they should get. This comparison article intends to help people make that decision.

TOZO T6 vs T10 Side by Side at a Glance

TOZO T6 earbud frontTozo T10 earbud front

T6 vs T10 front
TOZO T6 earbud backTozo T10 earbud back

T6 vs T10 back
TOZO T6 charging and carrying caseTOZO T10 charging and carrying case

T6 case vs T10 case

What’s the Difference Between the TOZO T6 and T10?

On paper the T6 and T10 do look *basically* the same. With each of their respective updates they both have Bluetooth v5.3, they have the same purported battery life, they have the same IPX8 certified waterproofing, they have the same touch control schematic and features, and their price difference is just a few negligible dollars. They do have some noteworthy differences though.

The main significant difference between the T6 and T10 is the case. The T6 case is frankly better in my opinion – it’s much smaller and more ergonomic while the T10 case is pretty big and brick-ish. The T6 case’s charge port also has a protective flap while the T10’s does not. The T10 case does have some small advantages though: The T10 case features a little lanyard hook for carrying, and the T10 case also has a USB type C charge port that might give the T10 case faster charge speed than the T6 case, which has mini usb A port.

The T6 also comes with five additional sets of replacement tips while the T10 only comes with three. More tip options significantly decreases the chances of there being any deal breaking fit or comfort issues.

Does the TOZO T6 or T10 Have Better Fit and Comfort?

The build and design of the T6 and T10 is very similar, and, in my original reviews I determined they both fit well and are both comfortable. I tried them both on again quickly while writing this article, and I’d say the difference between the two here is negligible.

Does the TOZO T6 or T10 Sound Better?

Both the T6 and T10 sound very solid for a minimal price, but I do think the T6 does sound better. The T6 has a more even response curve and better bass quality, whereas the bass of the T10 was tuned up enough to result in some muddiness.

Which Is Better: The Tozo T6 or T10?

The T6 and T10 are both solid products and, in all honestly, not that different from each other. But, I do think the the smaller case and slightly better sound of the T6 makes it the superior choice that’s worth paying a little extra for. That said, the flatter and more easily pressable backs of the T10 earbuds or the T10 case’s lanyard hook and USB C port might make it a more appealing choice to some, and any of those is a perfectly good reason, in my opinion, to go with the T10 instead of the T6.

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