TOZO T6 vs T9 Wireless Earbud Comparison – Which is Better?

Written by Pete Anthony

TOZO T9 case and earbuds

The T6 earbuds, which originally came out circa mid-2019 (and updated in 2022), are largely responsible for TOZO’s quick rise in popularity as an audio brand. Since then, TOZO has released a variety of budget wireless earbuds, including the T9 circa mid-2021 that uses a stem design. The T9 isn’t nearly as popular as the T6 for some reason, but it has distinct features that make it worth a look and comparison.

TOZO T6 vs T9 Side by Side at a Glance

TOZO T6 earbud frontTOZO T9 earbud front

T6 vs T9 earbud front
TOZO T6 earbud backTOZO T9 earbud back

T6 vs T9 earbud back
TOZO T6 charge and carry caseTOZO T9 charge and carry case

T6 vs T9 case

What Are the Main Differences Between the TOZO T6 and T9?

Weatherproofing – one big selling point of the T6 is that both the earbuds and the case have an IPX8 code and are waterproof. The T9 earbuds do have an IPX7 code and are also waterproof (it’s not totally clear if IPX7 and IPX8 are significantly different), but the T9 case does not also share the same IP code and isn’t waterproof.

Isolation – the big selling point of the T9 is that it has “environmental noise cancellation” technology. While that’s not quite the same as active noise cancellation, and “attenuation” is the more apt descriptor than “cancellation” in my opinion, the isolation of the T9 is nonetheless very good for budget wireless earbuds.

Rapid Partial Recharge – the T9 earbuds can get a full 1.5 hours of additional charge with just 10 minutes in the case, whereas the T6 does not have that feature.

Battery Life – the T6 earbuds and case have industry leading purported battery life at 45 total hours, whereas the T9 only has around 32 hours, which is still relatively decent for budget wireless earbuds but obviously less.

Does the TOZO T6 or T9 Have Better Fit and Comfort?

TOZO T6 earbud in ear fitTOZO T9 earbud in ear fit

Both the T6 and T9 fit well and comfortably. Each comes with 5 pairs of additional replacement tips which is great and not all that common among budget earbuds. Stem style wireless earbuds are generally more likely to have fit issues because the stems might not fit well with your personal ear geometry, but, the T9 stem come from the outer part of the bud and clears the tragus and antitragus.

Does the TOZO T6 or T9 Sound Better?

Both the T6 and T9 have solidly decent sound for budget wireless earbuds, but I’d say the T6 sounds slightly better because it has a more even and smooth response curve, whereas the T9 has quite emphasized bass that’s a bit boomy and muddy.

Which Is Ultimately the Better Choice: The TOZO T6 or T9?

I’d say, for the similar price, the T6 is slightly better than the T9 because of its superior battery life, the more compact case that’s also waterproof, and the slightly more neutral and overall better sound. That said, if you’re looking for something that’s bassy and has really good isolation for a minimal price, then the T9 is a perfectly solid alternative choice.

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