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TOZO T9 case and earbuds main pic

The T9 is yet another budget true wireless earbud from the now very popular brand TOZO. They feature a long stem design and so called “environmental noise cancellation” technology.

TOZO T9 box on arrival

box on arrival
TOZO T9 earbuds out of the box packaging and accessories

out of the box

TOZO makes particularly good packaging for wireless earbuds. The T9 buds come shipped inside the case, with protective plastic to cover the charge nodes. The case is embedded in contoured packing foam, and the included accessories are in an inner box that fits in the remaining partition. The replacement tips baggie was really crammed inside the box and the tips were all pretty dinged up, and there were actually some creases which is definitely not good.

What Accessories Come Included With the TOZO T9?

  • user manual and quick start pamphlets
  • five additional pairs of replacement tips
  • charging/carrying case
  • short USB type C charging cable

I like that TOZO includes so many different sizes and styles of tips (albeit kind of banged up here) with their earbuds, where the much more common norm is to only include 2 additional small and large sized pairs of tips.


TOZO T9 wireless earbud frontTOZO T9 wireless earbud back
headphone front and back
TOZO T9 earbuds nozzle and with tip

nozzle and with tip
TOZO T9 earbud in ear fit

in ear fit

How Good and Comfortable Is the TOZO T9 Fit?

The T9 has a very comfortable and solid fit, with a nice feeling seal that didn’t break at all no matter how I moved my head and/or jaw around. The stems also make the earbuds easy to take out and put back on.

Does the TOZO T9 Have Good Touch Controls, and Is It Easy to Use?

The T9 uses the same control schematic that the rest of the TOZO earbuds do, and it is decent, easy, and reliable. The T9 has all the functions you’d expect a pair of true wireless earbuds to have in 2023. Also nice is that there are beeps to signal if a double-tap to track went through. You can also track back and forward while paused, which is a nice feature that not all wireless earbuds have.

List of TOZO T9 Touch Control Functions:

  • pause/play – 1 tap either earbud
  • track forward – 2 taps right earbud
  • restart song, track backward – 2 taps left earbud
  • increase volume – press and hold right earbud
  • decrease volume – press and hold left earbud
  • accept/end call – 1 tap either earbud
  • reject call – press and hold either earbud
  • voice assistant – 3 taps either earbud

Pairing the T9 is easy and straightforward – the earbuds automatically enter pairing mode when you take them out of the case for the first time after the initial charge. Simply select “TOZO-T9” from the menu and you’re good to go.

Durability: Is the TOZO T9 Waterproof And/Or Dustproof?

The T9 has an official ingress protection code of IPX7 – the final “7” digit means the earbuds can go under shallow water for up to 30 minutes, and the penultimate “X” digit means there’s no certification against dust or debris. TOZO only says the earbuds can resist water up to splashing for some reason despite having the higher IP code.

Does the TOZO T9 Have Good Isolation And/Or Active Noise Cancellation?

The T9 has so called “environmental noise cancellation” that’s passively built into the earbuds, as opposed to active noise cancelling technology that can be turned on and off or switched to transparency mode. The T9 has, according to the back of the box, a “minimum noise cancellation of 30 dB,” but I’d say attenuation would be the more appropriate word to describe it.

30 dB of noise reduction at a purported minimum is extremely good, and I highly doubt the T9 can actually do that, but I will say the isolation of the T9 is very good for the price, solidly high. These have some of if not the best isolation of any cheap earbuds that I’ve ever used.


TOZO T9 earbud charging and carrying case top

TOZO T9 earbud charging and carrying case bottom and charge port

TOZO T9 earbud case inside

The case seems decent enough, but could be a little smaller and rounder along the edges. I also wish there was a protective cover for the female USB-C charge port.

TOZO T9 case and earbuds plugged in and chargingup

plugged in and charging up

How Good Is the TOZO T9 Battery Life?

The purported battery life of the T9 earbuds is 9 hours on a single charge, and I cannot find any literature from TOZO which clarifies how much extra battery life the case gives in addition to that. This is a pretty major omission that’s honestly pretty baffling, but, looking at the battery capacity of the case from the manual compared to that of the earbuds would mathematically imply that the case could give up to 3.5 recharges for a grand total of around 32 hours, which is average for budget wireless earbuds and a pretty reasonable assumption I think.

The T9 case does have rapid partial recharging, which can give the earbuds an extra 1.5 hours of juice with just 10 minutes in the case. This is a nice feature that more and more wireless earbuds are starting to have.

Does the TOZO T9 Have Good Warranty Coverage?

All TOZO earbuds have a 30 day return window, and a subsequent one year limited warranty against defects, which is the fairly common minimum for budget earbuds.

The Important Question: Does the TOZO T9 Sound Good?

The TOZO T9 sounds solidly decent for the now discounted minimal price, but not best in class. The clarity isn’t quite there and the overall sound is a little fuzzy and muffled. It’s also boomy and a little loose.

The sound signature is Harman/U-shaped which is pretty standard for budget earbuds, but it’s particularly pronounced with the T9. The mids are a bit flat and sucked in, and the bass is significantly emphasized and forward.

The bass extension is pretty average, and I’d say accurately reflects the quoted frequency response range of 20 – 20k Hz, which is the fairly standard average range spec for budget earbuds. The drops I normally test fell off a little bit.

The bass quality itself is OK, but noticeably flawed. The T9’s general lack of clarity becomes all the more apparent when heavy bass hits – my drops were pretty muddy and lost tone.

Final Verdict: Is the TOZO T9 Worth Buying?

At it’s original MSRP of around $50 I would not recommend the T9, because there are similarly priced products that have all the same features and sound better. But, now that the T9 has been discounted more than 50% in some cases, I can say it’s a decent budget option mainly because it has such good isolation. If you’re looking for something to really block noise for as cheap as possible and are OK with good enough sound, the T9 is a solid choice.

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