TOZO T10 vs T12 Wireless Earbuds Comparison – Which is Better?

Written by Pete Anthony
TOZO T10 wireless case and earbudsTOZO T12 2022 case and earbuds

TOZO is a relatively new audio company that came into prominence for having made a variety of high quality, feature rich wireless earbuds at minimal prices. The T10 was one of their original models, debuted circa 2018, and has since become one of the most popular earbuds ever on Amazon, having amassed a whopping 330k reviews at the time of this writing. The only product that has more reviews than that is none other than Apple’s AirPods. The original and also popular T12 subsequently came out in 2020, which added a few neat features, then both the T10 and T12 were updated in 2022.

A lot of people have asked: is the T10 or T12 better? which should you get? At face value the T10 and T12 do look like very similar products, enough so that you might wonder why the two different models even exist. But, similar looking earbuds can vary greatly, depending on what kind of hardware is under the hood and a variety of other non visual factors.

I have reviewed both the T10 and T12, and I’ll say at the outset that they are both solidly good products, but there are indeed some key differences between the two that merit discussion in a comparison article.

TOZO T10 vs T12 Side by Side at a Glance

Tozo T10 wireless earbud nozzle without tip frontTOZO T12 2022 earbud front

T10 vs T12 earbud front
Tozo T10 wireless earbud backTOZO T12 2022 earbud back

T10 vs T12 earbud back
TOZO t10 charging and carrying case topTOZO T12 2022 wireless earbuds charging and carrying case top

T10 vs T12 case top
TOZO T10 Earbuds in case charging upTOZO T12 2022 wireless earbuds and case plugged in and charging up

T10 vs T12 inside case, plugged in

What Are the Main Differences Between the TOZO T10 and T12?

Charge Indicators – the T12 case has led indicators that tell you the charge of each left and right earbud.

Touch Sensors – the T12 earbuds have little touch sensors that detect if you take either earbud off or put it back on, and it will pause and resume any currently playing media accordingly.

Case – the T10 case is somewhat bigger and bulkier than the T12’s, but it also has a loop hook for a keychain or lanyard or something similar.

Does the TOZO T10 or T12 Have Better Fit and Comfort?

TOZO T10 earbud in ear fitTOZO T12 2022 wireless earbud in ear fit

T10 vs T12 in ear fit

I was able to achieve a proper fit and seal that didn’t break if I moved my head and jaw around with both the T10 and T12. Both feel decently comfortable to wear. I did initially struggle through some fit issues with the T12 and its sound being weirdly affected due to what I posited were some design flaws with the tips or nozzles. I talked about this fully in my review of it which you can access in the relevant links section below.

The T10 comes with less replacement tip options than the T12, but I do think the T10 tips are better. The T10 earbud, though not contoured, is a little smaller and sits a little better in the ear in my opinion.

Does the TOZO T10 or T12 Sound Better?

The T10 sounds very decent for its bare minimum price, but the T12 sounds noticeably better. The T12’s response curve has better balance and is more even, giving the mids in particular more clarity and detail, and the overall sound a more wide and crisp sensation as a result. The T10 is very bassy and kind of warm, which does make for easy casual listening, but the mids and highs are noticeably recessed in comparison.

Which Should You Choose Between the TOZO T10 or T12?

Both the T10 and T12 are attractive options because their primary distinguishing feature is that both the earbuds and the carrying case are waterproof, which is something you don’t see often. The T10 is particularly attractive because it’s so cheap now, and it’s a great “good enough” option that you won’t stress over losing or breaking.

The T12 is a little more expensive, but is still relatively cheap. If the various little added features like the sensors and led charge indicators are appealing to you, and you want a little better fidelity, and you maybe don’t mind buds that are bigger and bulkier, then the T12 is certainly another great waterproof option. The T12 did give me some weird fit issues as I said, but I was able to eventually solve them, and TOZO has a 30 day return policy on all its earbuds incase you can’t.

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