TOZO NC9 vs T10 Wireless Earbuds Comparison – Which One Is Better?

Written by Pete Anthony

TOZO NC9 vs T10 charging and carrying cases and wireless earbuds

TOZO is a relatively new audio company that has seen massive success in the last few years in the e-retail market, likely because they offer a wide variety of performant, versatile, and feature rich wireless earbuds at very competitive prices. This includes the T10, which is one of TOZO’s original products (and was updated in 2022). The T10 has been one of the best selling earbuds on Amazon for years now, and has amassed a whopping 350k customer reviews there, and the only competitor with more is none other than Apple’s AirPods.

The NC9 was subsequently released (and also updated in 2022), and is also quickly becoming very popular because, while it does have higher end features like noise cancellation and EQ app compatibility, it still remains inexpensive.

The T10 and NC9 look fairly similar at a glance, enough so that people are asking how they compare, and if one is decidedly better than the other. I have fully reviewed them both and will answer those questions here.

TOZO NC9 vs T10 Side by Side at a Glance

TOZO NC9 vs T10 earbud front

NC9 vs T10 earbud front
TOZO NC9 vs T10 earbud tip and nozzle

NC9 vs T10 earbud tip and nozzle
TOZO NC9 vs T10 case top

NC9 vs T10 charging case top
TOZO NC9 vs T10 case side

NC9 vs T10 charging case side
TOZO NC9 vs T10 case open inside

NC9 vs T10 charging case inside

What Are the Main Differences Between the TOZO NC9 and T10?

Noise cancellation/isolation – the NC9 has ANC and transparency modes while the T10 does not. Also the NC9 has slightly better natural isolation than the T10 does.

EQ app compatibility – the NC9 is compatible with the TOZO app and can be EQ adjusted, while the T10 is not.

Design style – the NC9 housing is a little bigger than the T10 housing, and the NC9 has the contoured shape while the T10 has a simpler oval shape.

Weatherproofing – both the T10 earbuds and their case are fully IPX8 waterproof (1m immersion for up to 30 min), while the NC9 earbuds are merely IPX6 water resistant (up to jets of water) and that does not apply to their case.

Battery Life – the NC9 earbuds have more total purported battery life (13h) than the T10 earbuds do (10h), however the total purported battery life with case of the T10 (45h) is longer than that of the NC9 (40h). However, the NC9 purported earbud battery life with ANC or transparency on is significantly shorter (7h).

Case/Portability – despite the NC9 earbuds being bigger than the T10 earbuds, the NC9 case still manages to be slightly smaller, lighter, and a little more pocket friendly. The T10 case is quite large and bulky, but it also has the added lanyard hook.

Replacement Tips – the NC9 comes with 5 additional pairs of tips in various sizes and styles, while the T10 only comes with 4 additional pairs in the traditinal shape and merely vary by size.

Does the TOZO NC9 or the T10 Have Better Fit and Comfort?

TOZO NC9 vs T10 in ear fit

NC9 vs T10 in ear fit

Both the NC9 and T10 have a comfortable fit with a secure seal that doesn’t break. I do think the NC9 has a slightly better fit feel, though, mostly due to it being contoured and more inward feeling than the T10 does, which kind of feels just slightly out and down a little.

A note before the next section: this page describes how I evaluate the sound quality of headphones and earbuds.

Does the TOZO NC9 or the T10 Sound Better?

The T10 sounds pretty decent for cheap-as-possible waterproof wireless earbuds (and case!), but the NC9 – probably unsurprisingly – does sound better overall.

A lot of this has to due with the NC9 being compatible with the EQ app, and simple EQ adjusting can make a big difference in sound quality, not just subjectively towards personal preference but objectively as well.

The T10 tuning is quite bassy, a little warmer, and with less detail and mid/upper clarity. The mids and highs sound a little recessed. The NC9 has better balance, both out of the box and potentially yet moreso with EQ adjusting, and as a result the mids and highs sound more forward and present, and have noticeably better clarity and detail.

Which Should You Choose Between the TOZO NC9 or the T10?

From a perspective of pure overall value and fidelity, I’d say the NC9 is the pretty clear winner here, especially so with its subsequent MSRP discounts – you get better sound quality and noise cancellation/transparency for not that much more money.

The T10 has its own appeal, though, as a cheap-as-possible fully waterproof pair of wireless earbuds. If you need something more rugged and that you won’t lose sleep over breaking or losing, and you only really care about it sounding decent enough, then the T10 is a great product for you and might actually be the preferable choice.

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