TOZO Crystal Buds vs T6 Wireless Earbuds Comparison – Which One Is Better?

Written by Pete Anthony 
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TOZO Crystal Buds case and earbudsTOZO T6 case and earbuds

TOZO is a company that has, in a few recent years, shot into prominence in the audio world, mainly for producing a variety of really solid earbuds at minimal prices. The T6 is one of their original products and has since become one of the all time best selling wireless earbuds on Amazon. TOZO released a new and improved version of the T6 in 2022. The Crystal Buds, befitting their cool sounding name, are a newer and aesthetically slick looking pair of earbuds that was also released in mid/late 2022.

How do the newer and I dare say edgy looking Crystal Buds compare to the well established T6? Is one better than the other? I have fully reviewed both, and while I’ll say at the outset that they are both solid products, they do have some key differences that this comparison article will cover, and hopefully it can answer those questions for you.

TOZO Crystal Buds vs T6 Side by Side at a Glance

TOZO crystal buds earbud frontTOZO T6 earbud front

Crystal Buds vs T6 earbud front
TOZO crystal buds earbud backTOZO T6 earbud back

Crystal Buds vs T6 earbud back
TOZO Crystal Buds charging and carrying caseTOZO t6 charging and carrying case

Crystal Buds vs T6 charging/carrying case
TOZO crystal buds charging and carrying case insideTOZO T6 charge carry case

Crystal Buds vs T6 case inside

What Are the Main Differences Between the TOZO Crystal Buds and T6?

Design Style – the T6 has a smaller and uncontoured housing while the Crystal Buds housing adopts a bigger and fully contoured design that’s more along the lines of a true in ear monitor.

Case – both the Crystal Buds and T6 have IPX8 certification, meaning they’re fully waterproof, but the T6 case is also IPX8 waterproof while the Crystal Buds case is not. The Crystal Buds case has LED indicators for the charge amount of the case and each earbud while the T6 case only has approximating indicators for the case itself. The Crystal Buds case also has the clear lid, which is a neat idea – you won’t accidentally forget to put the buds inside to charge or take with you.

EQ App compatibility – the Crystal Buds are compatible with TOZO’s newer EQ app while the T6 is not. The App has 16 presets and extensive customization options.

TOZO EQ app Pete Anthony custom setting

a custom sound curve saved into the TOZO App

Does the TOZO Crystal Buds or the T6 Have Better Fit and Comfort?

TOZO crystal buds in ear fitTOZO T6 earbud in ear fit

Crystal Buds vs T6 in ear fit

Both the Crystal Buds and T6 fit perfectly well with no seal issues, and I’d say one isn’t really better than the other, even considering the latter’s uncontoured housing. The Crystal buds feel a little shallower and also bigger in the outer ear (which they are obviously as you can see), whereas the T6 has a deeper and firmer feeling seal. I’d say it’s a matter of personal preference here.

Does the TOZO Crystal Buds or the T6 Sound Better?

Despite the Crystal Buds being newer, and having a higher msrp than the T6, I still think the T6 without EQ sounds a bit better than the Crystal Buds. The Crystal Buds lack a little detail and accuracy, and the sound stage as a result feels a little narrow and muffled in comparison to the T6. I did play around with the EQ app to see if I could improve the Crystal Buds beyond the T6, but I wasn’t really able to after 15 minutes or so. I don’t really think the differences are really EQ based anyhow.

Could the Crystal Buds sound better than the T6, either personally or even objectively, if the EQ was really worked on with the TOZO app? I think it’s definitely possible, but, most casual users buying budget earbuds aren’t going to want to do all that.

Which Should You Choose Between the TOZO Crystal Buds or T6?

There’s a reason the T6 remains so popular as well as on our best-of list – between the comfort, usability, waterproof buds and case, and very good out of the box sound all for a bare minimum price, I do think it’s still the overall superior choice over the newer Crystal Buds.

The Crystal Buds could be improved with the TOZO EQ app, which the T6 is not compatible with. If you like the idea of doing that and maybe like the LED indicators and clear case lid (which really is a neat idea), I’d say those are both good enough reasons to go with the Crystal Buds instead.

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