TOZO T6 vs JLab GO Air Pop Wireless Earbuds Comparison – Which Is Better?

Written by Pete Anthony
TOZO T6 wireless earbuds and caseJLab GO Air pop earbuds and case

Both the TOZO T6 and JLab GO Air Pop are currently very popular true wireless earbuds that are available for a minimal price. I’ve also reviewed both of them and think they’re both good products. Is one objectively better overall than the other? Which should you get between the two? That’s what this comparison article will discuss.

TOZO T6 earbudJLab GO Air Pop earbud

TOZO T6 earbud vs JLab GO AIR Pop earbud
TOZO T6 charging and carrying caseJLab GO Air Pop charging and carrying case

TOZO T6 case vs JLab GO AIR Pop case
TOZO T6 earbuds contents out of the boxJLab GO Air Pop contents out of the box

TOZO T6 vs JLab GO AIR Pop contents out of the box

What Are the Main Differences Between the TOZO T6 and the JLab GO Air Pop?

Battery Life – The purported total battery life of the T6 (earbuds + case) is 45 hours, whereas that of the Go Air Pop is only 32 hours. The original TOZO T6 was upgraded in 2022 and part of that was an update to Bluetooth v5.3, whereas the Go Air Pop uses Bluetooth v5.1. The newer versions of Bluetooth aren’t going to make an audible difference in sound quality in my opinion, but newer versions of Bluetooth do improve on both signal range and battery efficiency and thus battery life.

Weatherproofing – One of the big selling points of the T6 is that both the earbuds and the charging/carrying case have an IPX8 certification which makes them fully waterproof, whereas the Go Air Pop earbuds (but not the case) only have an IPX4 certification which makes them water resistant only up to splashing.

Accessories – The T6 comes with 5 sets of additional replacement tips in different sizes and styles, whereas the Go Air Pop only comes with 2 additional sets (small and large) of replacement tips.

Warranty – JLab has an industry leading 2 year warranty that covers all its earbuds, whereas TOZO only has a 1 year warranty, the latter being the fairly standard minimum for budget earbuds.

Does the TOZO T6 or the JLab GO AIR Pop Have Better Fit and Comfort?

JLab GO Air Pop in ear fit

The T6 and Go Air Pop have a similar non contoured oval-like design, and they both fit well and comfortably. I’d say the difference here is negligible. The fact that the T6 comes with more replacement tips, though, makes it more likely that you won’t run into deal breaking fit or comfort issues.

Does the TOZO T6 or the GO AIR Pop Sound Better?

Both the T6 and the Go Air Pop have very decent sound for the minimal price, but I do think the GO Air Pop sounds better. The Go Air Pop has three EQ presets, and the default “JLab signature” setting has a more even response curve, more clarity in the mids particularly, and a wider feeling sound stage. Some might find the T6 bass to be a little boomy and punchy as well.

Which Is Ultimately the Better Choice: The TOZO T6 or GO AIR Pop?

When all else is relatively equal, I pretty much always go with superior sound, and for that reason I’d say the Go Air Pop is the better choice of the two. The superior JLab warranty is nice extra assurance too. That said, the big selling point of the T6 is the waterproof earbuds and case, and if you think you need that feature that’s absolutely a good reason to choose the T6.

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