Jlab GO Air Pop vs TOZO T10 Wireless Earbuds Comparison – Which Is Better?

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JLab go air pop earbuds and caseTOZO T10 wireless case and earbuds

Both the GO Air Pop and T10 are very popular budget wireless earbuds. The GO Air Pop has received high praise from numerous review publications (including us), and the T10’s since their original debut are one of the best selling budget earbuds ever. I think that both TOZO and JLab are very solid audio companies despite being relatively young and not all that well known.

The GO Air Pop and T10 look pretty similar and cost about the same, so a lot of people have asked: is one better than the other? which one should I get? I have fully reviewed both the GO Air Pop and T10, and this comparison article intends to answer those questions.

Jlab GO Air Pop vs TOZO T10 Side by Side at a Glance

JLab GO Air Pop Earbud FrontTozo T10 wireless earbud front with tip

GO Air Pop vs T10 front
JLab GO Air Pop wireless earbud backTozo T10 wireless earbud back

GO Air Pop vs T10 back
JLab GO Air Pop case opentozo t10 case opened inside

GO Air Pop case vs T10 case

What Are the Main Differences Between the JLab GO Air Pop and TOZO T10?

These earbuds are fairly similar in style, features, and price, but they do have some notable differences:

Weatherproofing – the T10 has an IPX8 rating on both the earbuds and case, meaning they are both fully waterproof for up to around 30 minutes if fully submerged. The GO Air Pop earbuds (but not the case) only have an IPX4 rating which makes them merely water resistant up to light splashing.

Case – the GO Air Pop case is much more compact than the T10 case, and the GO Air Pop case also has the USB cable built into it while the T10 cases uses a standard USB-C connection cable. The T10 case has a lanyard/carrying hook that the Go Air Pop case does not have.

Battery Life – the T10’s were upgraded circa mid 2022 to Bluetooth v5.3 while the GO Air Pop still uses v5.1. This won’t realistically effect sound quality, but, later versions of Bluetooth have superior signal length and battery efficiency, and the purported battery life of the T10 is moderately better than that of the Go Air Pop.

Warranty – JLab has an industry leading 2 year warranty on all its wireless earbuds, while TOZO’s warranty for their wireless earbuds is only 1 year, which is the fairly standard industry minimum.

EQ/Tuning Customization – the GO Air Pop has three pre-set EQ profiles you can cycle between, but the newest version of the T10 can be customized with TOZO’s EQ App, which in addition to having 16 pre-sets also allows for extensive customization that can be saved as additional personalized profiles.

Jlab pre-set EQ profilesTOZO EQ app Pete Anthony custom setting

JLab’s EQ presets vs TOZO’s fully customizable App

Does the ab GO Air Pop or the TOZO T10 Have Better Fit and Comfort?

JLab GO Air Pop in ear fitTOZO T10 earbud in ear fit

GO Air Pop vs T10 in ear fit

The GO Air Pop and T10 have the same noncontoured oval design and are very close in shape, size, and weight. They both fit well and comfortably and honestly feel pretty much the same. I’d say it’s a wash here – either is fine and some might prefer one’s style of tips over the others’ maybe.

Does the JLab GO Air Pop or the TOZO T10 Sound Better?

I think the Go Air Pop sounds a little better than the T10 out of the box. The “JLab Signature” mode, which is one of the three EQ presets, is decent for casual listening, and it’s nice to have earbuds that sound good as is and don’t need a ton of tinkering. The T10, in comparison, has a more pronounced U shape and is both more bassy and somewhat recessed in the mids, which results in some loss of clarity.

I do think, however, that a lot of people might be able to achieve a superior sound (or something that they personally like better) with the T10 if they put some work into customizing the curve in TOZO’s app. I’ve used the app myself quite a lot having reviewed many of TOZO’s earbuds and I will say that I have been able to improve the sound of some of them considerably. It’s worth noting that the app doesn’t work with the older pre 5.3 version of the T10.

Which Should You Choose Between the JLab GO Air Pop or TOZO T10?

For the average casual user and most people I think the GO Air Pop is the better choice – it has a better sound profile out of the box and its more compact and portable. JLab also has the superior 2 year warranty over TOZO’s 1 year warranty.

The notable advantage of the T10 however, and a strong selling point generally, is that both the earbuds and the charging/carrying case are fully waterproof (for up to 30 minutes when fully submerged). The newest 2022 version of the T10 is also compatible with TOZO’s EQ app which allows for extensive sound profile customization. If you don’t care about a bulkier case and you’re willing to tinker with the app, you might find that you like the T10 better.

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