JLab GO Air Pop vs SoundPEATS Free2 Classic Wireless Earbuds Comparison – Which One Is Better?

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JLab go air pop earbuds and caseSoundpeats Free2 Classic review main pic

The GO Air Pop and Free2 Classic earbuds, despite being a little dated at the time of this writing/update, are both still very popular products that aim for the same goal: wireless earbuds that are easy to use and wear, and that sound as good as possible for a minimal price.

JLab and SoundPEATS, despite not being as well known in the mainstream, are both companies that have both been around for a while are some of the original competitors in the wireless earbud niche. They both make good products, including the GO Air Pop and the Free2 Classic. Because these earbuds really do look so similar, a lot of people ask: are they actually different? and how if so? and is one better than the other? I have fully reviewed both the GO Air Pop and the Free2 Classic, and those are the questions I intend to answer in this comparison article.

JLab GO Air Pop vs SoundPEATS Free2 Classic Side by Side at a Glance

JLab GO Air Pop Earbud FrontSoundpeats Free2 Classic earbud front

GO Air Pop vs Free2 Classic earbud front
JLab GO Air Pop wireless earbud backSoundpeats Free2 Classic earbud back

GO Air Pop vs Free2 Classic earbud back
JLab GO Air Pop case openSoundpeats Free2 Classic earbuds charging and carrying case opened inside

GO Air Pop vs Free2 Classic case

What Are the Main Differences Between the JLab GO Air Pop and SoundPEATS Free2 Classic?

The GO Air Pop and Free2 Classic are indeed very similar, enough so that most of the factors that are generally important here aren’t worth discussion. They came out around the same time circa mid 2021, they both have Bluetooth v5.1 (slightly older Bluetooth doesn’t effect sound quality), they both have about the same battery life (OK but not amazing), they both have the same water resistance (IPX4/5 is basically the same), and they’re both very portable with compact cases. They do a few differences though, albeit relatively minor:

Isolation – neither has any noise cancellation, but the GO Air Pop has somewhat better isolation due to its deeper and firmer fit. The Free2 Classic isolation is honestly not that good.

EQ Control – the GO Air Pop has three pre-set EQ modes while the Free2 Classic doesn’t have any EQ control. That said, the other two pre-sets are significantly worse for music than the default “JLab signature” is, so I don’t think this really matters.

Charging Cable – the GO Air Pop case has a (very short) USB cable built into it while the Free2 Classic case just has a much more common USB-C port:

JLab GO Air Pop Case Bottom and charging cableSoundpeats Free2 Classic earbuds case


Not having to worry about carrying around an extra cable is kind of nice, but, if the built in cable breaks you’re kind of screwed. I’d say it’s personal preference here.

Warranty – one thing JLab does have is an industry leading two year warranty on all their wireless headphones, whereas SoundPEATS only has a one year warranty which is the fairly common minimum.

Does the JLab GO Air Pop or the SoundPEATS Free2 Classic Have Better Fit and Comfort?

JLab GO Air Pop in ear fitSoundpeats Free2 Classic earbud in ear fit

GO Air Pop vs Free2 Classic in ear fit

Both the GO Air Pop and Free2 Classic fit well and are very easy to take out and put back on again. But, I’d say the GO Air Pop fits a little better – the nozzles and tips are a little longer so it sits more firmly and securely in the ear. I do personally like a deeper seal with pretty firm pressure, so I wouldn’t be surprised if some people preferred the shallower fit of the Free2 Classic.

Does the JLab GO Air Pop or the SoundPEATS Free2 Classic Sound Better?

I think, overall, the Free2 Classic sounds better than the GO Air Pop, and the Free2 Classic did really impress me when I reviewed it (linked below). The Free2 Classic has a more neutral/bright balance that you don’t often see with budget headphones, much less done well. The GO Air Pop has a much more common Harman/U-shape balance with tuned up bass. In comparison to the Free2 Classic, the GO Air Pop bass is a little loose and forward and the clarity in the mids is also a little lacking.

Which Should You Choose Between the JLab GO Air Pop or SoundPEATS Free2 Classic?

Both the GO Air Pop and Free2 Classic are great budget earbuds that are easy to wear and use and sound good for a minimal price. And, said yet again, they are actually very similar all around.

I personally care more about good balance for music listening, so I’d pick the Free2 Classic for that reason. But I wouldn’t use them in a situation where external noise was going to be a significant issue.

The GO Air Pop does have that more firm and secure fit and better isolation, while the isolation of the Free2 Classic is not very good. The Go Air Pop also has the better two year warranty and the built in charging cable if that’s appealing to you. Some people might also prefer the more bass heavy balance of the GO Air Pop as well. All of those are perfectly good reasons to choose it over the Free2 Classic.

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