Klipsch AW-650 Indoor-Outdoor Speaker Review

Last updated on: 8-30-18 Bottom Line: These are the most powerful non-commercial grade outdoor speakers on the market, and at an excellent value at that. Hard to go wrong with Klipsch, and still one of our top choices for outdoor speakers Klipsch is an industry leader when it comes to power at a great value, … Read more

Picking The Best (And Correct) Outdoor All-Weather Speaker Wire

Last updated on: 4-13-20 One of the main challenges of setting up any permanent sound system is wiring it, and this is especially true for outdoor speakers – special consideration needs to be taken to make sure that everything is properly weatherproof. Wiring a sound system is something that you want to do once, and … Read more

How to Plan and Install an Outdoor Speaker Setup

If you’re thinking about spending money on a decent set of permanent/wired outdoor speakers, you’ll also want to spend time planning out the setup so that you’re sure that it will work. You’ll also want to know how to properly install them on your deck or wherever else when the time actually comes. This article … Read more

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