TOZO A1 Mini Wireless Bluetooth 5.3 Earbuds Review

Written by Pete Anthony Last updated on: Jul 15, 2022 TOZO is a relatively new and still somewhat obscure ChiFi company that has recently become very popular because a few of their wireless earbuds have, for whatever reason(s), managed to top Amazon’s best-sellers lists right up there with Apple. In fact, at the time of this … Read more

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Are Knowledge Zenith (KZ) IEM Earphones Actually Good?

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Moondrop Chu IEM Earbuds Review

Written by Pete Anthony Last updated on: Jul 13, 2022 Moondrop is yet another relatively new and obscure ChiFi company – I had never heard of them before seeing some groundswell hype over the Chu, in particular from reviewer Crinacle (his channel/website is awesome by the way), and it was largely due to his rarely shining … Read more