OSD Audio AP670 Outdoor-Patio Speaker Review

OSD’s 670s are a member of their quite extensive AP series, which contains a number of outdoor/patio speakers varying in power, size, and other pertinent specs such as the option to go with a multi-tap 70 Volt speaker system. To our knowledge, the AP series comprises OSD Audio’s entire outdoor/all-weather line up.

The AP670s are the series’ middle-tier 6.5 inch speakers, presumably aimed to provide maximally decent power and quality at an affordable price. We’ve noticed that since their initial release (circa 2014) these speakers have declined in price, and, depending on the price landscape when you’re ready to buy, the AP670s are quite likely to be a solid choice for many consumers.

OSD Audio 6.5' Outdoor Patio Speaker High Performance Architectural Indoor Outdoor AP670 White Pair
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OSD Audio AP670 Specs

Speaker type: passive, wired, ported
Nominal power handling: not specified by manufacturer (40W)*
Peak power handling: 120 watts
Impedance: 8 ohms
Sensitivity: 90 dB/W/m
Frequency response range: 44 – 22,000 Hz
Unit weight: Not specified by manufacturer (8 lbs)**
Unit dimensions: 7.75 x 8.25 x 14.25 inches (depth x width x height)
Warranty: 1 year (does apply to purchase from Amazon.com)
User manual: click here

*When nominal power handling isn’t specified, our rough assumption is around 25-35% of the peak power handling
**Estimated unit weight based on shipping weight information provided on Amazon.com

Review and Discussion

The AP670s have excellent power specs for the price, especially now so since they’ve become available for under $100. An (assumed) power handling of 40 watts coupled with a 90 dB sensitivity rating is plenty to fill most non-large outdoor enclosures. Worth particular mention is the great frequency response range with a floor of 44Hz. This is very good for a budget-tier outdoor speaker, where quite often this number is significantly higher thus indicating lesser bass. Indeed, the 670s have reportedly very strong bass, if that’s something you’re keen on.

These speakers also look really nice with the thin bezel and convex design. Lower priced speakers tend to look blocky and dated, but the AP670s in particular have an aesthetic design. The only other budget-tier outdoor speakers that look comparably good are Polk’s atrium 4s (reviewed here). Then again, this is only if you care that much about how the speakers look. Other than that the speakers come in black or white, which is pretty boilerplate for traditional box/mount outdoor speakers.

Size and weight wise these speakers run pretty middle of the road, and they’re probably as difficult to set up as you’d expect as compared with similar alternatives. The speakers come with standard swiveling c bracket mounts – again, pretty standard.

OSD Audio 6.5' Outdoor Patio Speaker High Performance Architectural Indoor Outdoor AP670 White Pair
baffle, tweeter, woofer, click to see zoomable image on Amazon (affiliate link)

The AP670s have two distinct features worth discussion, such as it’s pertinent to outdoor considerations. The first is that these speakers feature a waterproof paper cone, as opposed to the much more standard polypropylene material. Interestingly this is the only model in OSD’s entire AP series that has a paper cone while the rest are indeed polypropylene. So, is that better or worse? Well, it depends. Paper cones are allegedly more sensitive and thus produce better mid-ranges. Others will insist this is pure speculation, and that polypropylene is a safer, more durable material. And this leads us to the second distinct feature, which that these speakers have a ported design. That basically means there’s an open hole below the woofer which allows air to move in/out freely, as opposed to a sealed design. Most outdoor speakers specifically are sealed, which makes sense because you don’t want water or debris getting into the cabinet. The ported design is likely the reason for the A670’s exceptional bass at this price. But, this comes with the liability of the elements getting inside the speaker and causing damage. This is probably a non-issue if you live in a more temperate climate, but if you live in a beachfront house in southern Florida, it might be prudent to opt for a sealed speaker instead.

This is especially true since OSDs warranty for their outdoor speakers is only 1 year, and might not cover such elemental damage. Other comparable alternatives can offer warranties up to 5 years, whereas lifetime warranties are generally reserved for higher end products.

Some users have reported that the grill is prone to rusting, but, this is actually a fairly common complaint with lower end outdoor speakers, particularly of the white variety. Maybe getting the black version is a prudent workaround if you’re worried about unaesthetic rust stains.

Our Overall Take, As Compared to the Competition

Because these speakers have apparently declined in price, they’re that much more of a solid choice. With the amount of power handling, the low frequency response range floor, and the open port design, these speakers might be the best choice if you’re on a budget and want to get as much bass as you can.

If you’d prefer a more well rounded speaker that’s sealed, definitely consider the Dayton IOs (reviewed here) as an alternative – these also come with a more attractive 5 year warranty.

If you’re looking for pure value and don’t care if the speakers look dated, the Yamaha NS-AW150’s are a good option (reviewed here) – these also come with the required speaker wire (not at all common) which will save you a chunk of change.

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