Onkyo SFK-4800 Floorstanding Speaker Review

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Onkyo is more known for it’s HiFi components, and they do make great receivers etc., but they do produce a few loudpeakers. The SFK-4800s caught our attention because, despite being somewhat old, are still high sellers and are quite inexpensive to acquire now.


Speaker type: passive, 2 way, ported

Nominal power handling: 39 watts (approximated*)

Peak power handling: 130 watts

Impedance: 6 ohms

Sensitivity: 86 dB/W/m

Frequency response range: 55 – 35,000 Hz

Unit weight: 28.7 lbs

Unit dimensions: 11.55 x 12.0 x 40.55 inches (width x depth x height)

Warranty: 2 years (does apply to purchase from Amazon.com)

Spec sheet and user manual: here and here

*When nominal/RMS power isn’t specified by manufacturer, we use an approximation of ~30% of the specified peak/dynamic power for comparison purposes.

Review and Discussion

These are admittedly not all that powerful speakers, but their specs are about on par with what you can get for the ~$150/per price range. They’ll do just fine for small/medium sized rooms, but you’ll likely want to pay for more power beyond that. The 55 Hz floor is also not that great, and there are similarly priced competitors that go lower. That said though, budget-tier speakers usually benefit greatly from a subwoofer, so, if you do have one or are planning to get one (we think it’s a good idea), it’s more important that the speakers do a decent job of reproducing the mids and highs than having a maximal range.

The design is pretty boilerplate to the plain look of most budget-tier speakers, if that’s something you care about. The port is on the back so you’ll simply need to place them a little bit away from the wall, and other than that they’re not that heavy and rest on platforms, so the set up is about as easy as it gets. Onkyo offers a 2 year warranty on loudspeakers, which is about average in for this price-tier.

Our Take

These are perfectly decent speakers for the price, so for those who perhaps have brand loyalty, they’re a solid choice for so called starter tower speakers. Note that you’ll almost certainly want to use a subwoofer with these (there are plenty of decent and similarly cheap ones), but that’s generally the case with lower end main speakers.

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That said, there are similarly priced competitors that have better specs, largely because some older generation products have gotten a lot cheaper. Also, if you’re willing to spend a little more, there are much more powerful options that become available, some of which might not necessarily need a subwoofer. Check out our best budget floorstanding speakers article linked below for more information and an up to date review of our current favorites.

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