Klipsch Reference R-10SW 10-Inch Powered Subwoofer Review

Last updated on: 8-31-18
Bottom Line: hard to ever go wrong with Klipsch, a solid subwoofer and a decent price. But the bigger 12 inch version is significantly better and barely more expensive.

The R-10SW is one of several subwoofers of varying size and power in Klipsch’s extensive Reference product line. Though it’s now succeed by the newer generation R-100SW, the R-10SW is still a solid speaker that remains one of the most popular subwoofers on the market.

Spec Overview

Speaker type: powered, ported
Continuous power output: 150 W
Peak power output: 300 W
Response range: 32 – 120 Hz
Warranty: 2 years (electronic parts), 5 years (non-electronic parts)

Review and Discussion

A 10 inch, 150 W subwoofer is powerful enough to augment pretty much any budget-tier pair of main speakers just fine. The response range is OK, but not stellar. Worth mention is the particularly low ceiling of 120 Hz. While that’s usually fine for the crossover to cover the floor of most main speakers, it’s generally good to be able to go higher so as to better cover the lows which main speakers will begin to struggle to reproduce – one of the main points of a subwoofer is to allow the main speakers to really focus on the mids and highs, and an ideally 200 or higher response ceiling on a subwoofer helps ensure that the crossover can go as high as it needs to.

Other than that, this unit features the same black and copper design that themes most Klipsch home theater speakers. It has the option of a removable foam grill for those who want to cover and protect the driver.

Our Overall Take, As Compared to the Competition

It’s pretty hard to go wrong with any Klipsch loudspeaker, and the R-10SW is still a top seller despite now being an older generation product.

That said, the next biggest 12 inch Reference subwoofer (R-12SW) has a bigger driver, significantly more power and response range, and is barely more expensive – as long as that remains the case, it seems like a no brainer to opt for the bigger version.

The newer generation R-110SW also has significantly superior specs while remaining the same size and weight, but is still a little pricey – older generation speakers are actually pretty desirable because they go for cheaper and are usually just as decent as their newer counterparts.

If you’re really looking to spend as little as possible and you don’t need quite as much power, Polk’s 10 inch PSW10 (reviewed here) is definitely a viable alternative.

Also consider BIC America’s F12 (reviewed here), another bigger 12 inch subwoofer that boasts superior and generally excellent specs for a similar price. This one’s our current overall favorite in the budget-tier price range.

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