Klipsch AW-400 Outdoor Speaker Review

Klipsch AW-400 Indoor/Outdoor Speaker - White (Pair)Klipsch AW-400 Indoor/Outdoor Speaker - White (Pair)

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nominal power: 50 watts
peak power: 200 watts
impedance: 8 ohms
sensitivity: 91 dB/W/m
frequency response range: 91 – 20,000 Hz
unit weight: 5 lbs
unit dimensions: 7.25 x 6.5 x 9.5 inches (depth x width x height)
warranty: lifetime (applies to purchase from Amazon.com)
user manual/spec sheet: here/here
wireless: no

Klipsch is one of the premier producers of high quality and durable outdoor speakers. Though Klipsch units trend on the higher power, more expensive side, the AW-400 is their smaller “economy” product in their outdoor line up which retails at a comparatively middle of the road price for a pair.

Power – With a nominal operating power of 50 watts, the AW-400 is significantly less powerful than it’s counterparts. That said, this is plenty for a smaller enclosed area. If you’re going to be less than ~10 feed from each unit, chances are they will be able to get plenty loud while still sounding great. The sensitivity rating is still quite high comparatively – Klipsch speakers can go really loud with relatively little comparative power. One thing worth noting is that the frequency response range has a significantly higher floor at 91 Hz compared to other Klipsch models, and in general. This might result in a thinner sound that lacks in bass, particularly if the sound is going to project of dirt or grass rather than a hard man-made surface.

Aesthetics & Style – Pretty much all Klipsch traditional speakers have a pretty plain, dated look. Most of their still current models are upwards of 10 years old. They also only come the one white color.

Portability & Convenience – These speakers are quite light and small given their specs. If you’re looking for something that’s relatively easy to set up and/or mount, then the 400’s might be a great choice as compared to the bulkier 600+ or rock models.

Durability – All Klipsch outdoor speakers are designed to permanently reside outdoors and are fully UV, water, and dust resistant.

Warranty: – All Klipsch outdoor speakers come with a lifetime warranty if bought from an authorized dealer (this includes Amazon.com! Just make sure you’re buying direct and not through a 3rd part seller!). Not only that, but if the speakers break and have been discontinued, Klipsch might even replace them with a newer and potentially better model. Pretty hard to beat that, and it’s obvious that this company truly believes in the quality of their products.

Update: The lifetime warranty has unfortunately been discontinued in lieu of a still very solid 5 year warranty, but you might be able to get lucky with legacy product purchases.

Price – Comparatively speaking, for the amount of power these speakers offer at their small size, the AW-400 is a good deal, especially if you might not need so much power to fill a smaller area.

Bottom Line – You really can’t go wrong with Klipsch, especially if you’re willing to spend a little more money on quality, power, and longevity. The AW-400’s are a solid product that allow you to go with the brand at a more economic price.

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