Bose 151 SE Environmental Outdoor Speaker Review

Bose is one of the most well known audio brands in the world, as they make a wide range of all kinds of audio products with choice focus on aesthetics and style.

The SE 151 is their smaller and lesser priced member of their admittedly limited outdoor/all-weather line up, which consists of the larger 251s, and the on-ground/omnidirectional Freespace 51s.

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Pictured above in their black and white variants


Speaker type: Passive, wall-mount, wired

Nominal power handling: 50 watts

Peak power handling: 100 watts

Impedance: 6 ohms

Sensitivity: not specified by manufacturer

Frequency response range: not specified by manufacturer

Unit weight: 6 lbs

Unit dimensions: 6.0 x 12.5 x 4.5 inches (depth x width x height)

Warranty: 5 years (does apply to purchase from

User manual: click here

Review and Discussion

A rough rule of thumb is that a set of 50 watt speakers should be enough to fill most back yards that aren’t exceedingly large. Unfortunately though, without more information it’s hard to say how these will really sound as compared to other choices. For some reason Bose does not disclose frequency response range or sensitivity. Now, while those metrics on paper certainly aren’t everything, they can at least tell us something about how loud and powerful the unit will actually get.

Bose is known for their aesthetics, and these speakers do look nice. They’re also distinct in that they mount “wide” if you want to pivot them horizontally (generally you do, so that you can aim the set at the desired listening center-point).

They’re not too large, and they’re quite light, so they shouldn’t be that big of a challenge to set up. Their width and depth is also quite small, so if the bezel of your roof is small, the 151 SEs might be a good choice if they’re going to be what will fit. Other competitors – though the speakers might be great – tend to be bulkier.

Bose does boast some of the strictest outdoor/all-weather standards, even grading their speakers as being resistant to salt water spray. If you live in a tumultuous coastal climate, you definitely might consider getting more rugged speakers. Some outdoor speakers, even though they’re technically graded for outdoor use, are still prone to rust and corrosion. We haven’t seen any complaints of such with any Bose outdoor speakers. All Bose outdoor speakers have a 5 year warranty, which is quite good by industry standards.

Our Take

Bose makes good speakers, but the truth is that you can get significantly more power for the price, or you could get comparable power for quite a lot less. This is especially true if you don’t care so much about style and don’t mind a less slick looking speaker.

Even if you do though, you might check out the Definitive Technology 5500 or 6500 – each of these speakers is quite a lot more powerful for about the same price, and they still look cool. Otherwise, check out the links below for our other comparable recommendations.

Bose does have a generous return policy though. If you like the brand, and you don’t mind potentially shipping them back, you could always get a pair and try them out risk free.

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