TDK Outdoor Speakers

TDK electronics is a global corporation that was originally founded in 1935, and produces a wide variety of electronic products both for commercial and personal use. In the recent past they have entered the wireless speaker market, with a line up of various boomboxes and other wireless speakers.

As of now TDK only has one wireless outdoor speaker in their line up, but it just so happens to be our top pick for a wireless weatherproof speaker. You can see it in the sortable chart below for TDK Outdoor Speakers. We’ll be sure to review and add any new products that come along in the future.

Nominal Power (watts)
Peak Power (watts)
Frequency Response Range (Hertz)
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TDK A33 Wireless Weatherproof Speaker
$$15not specifiednot specified1 year8.9/10

TDK A33 Review: