Outdoor and All Weather Speakers

We’ve reviewed and compared all of the most popular outdoor speaker systems on the market. If you’re interested in getting a small and portable unit that’s not expensive, or you want to get a full fledged system to really trick out your patio, we’ll help you pick the best choice for you. First off, we recommend checking out our picks for the best outdoor speakers of 2014. Or, see our full list of reviews below by brand.

Reviews by Brand

Acoustic Research

Acoustic Research has several wireless products in their outdoor speaker line, all of which focus on a cool looking aesthetic design that will blend well with your backyard. If you’re looking for a lower priced option with a good design, then check out or sortable table below for Acoustic Research outdoor speakers.

SpeakerPriceNominal Power (watts)Peak Power (watts)Frequency Response Range (Hertz)WarrantyOur Rating & Full Review

AW825 Mission Style Wireless Speaker
$5not specified15 - 15,0001 year7.6/10

Acoustic Research AW825 Review:

AWSBT1 Wireless Speaker
$5not specified20 - 20,0001 year8.2/10

Acoustic Research AWSBT1 Review:



Bose is among the most prominent and popular brands for a wide variety of audio products on the market. The company itself has garnered some criticism that it focuses too much on marketing rather than producing the best possible products for any given price. That being said, they are one of the most successful audio companies in the world, so it’s hard to be too critical of them if people are buying their products. Also, most of their outdoor speaker products get overwhelmingly positive reviews on Amazon.com.

It’s true that Bose products are typically on the more expensive side, and we’ve found in our analysis of the various products that, for some of their products, there exists an alternative with similar specs that is significantly cheaper, or there’s an alternative with superior specs for the same price. However, some of their products, like the 251’s, provide excellent power at a great price.

What’s really important is that, no matter what, you do your research before picking a product and compare prices and specs. Prices do change from time to time, so a speaker that might be overpriced now could possibly be discounted to great deal in the future. And of course there is always something to be said for personal preference. At the end of the day what matters is that you like the way it sounds, not that your speakers garner the most online praise. Check out this sortable chart below which summarizes popular Bose outdoor speakers by various metrics, and also has links to our full reviews of the products.

SpeakerPriceNominal Power (watts)Peak Power (watts)Frequency Response Range (Hertz)WarrantyOur Rating & Full Review

Bose 151 SE - pair
$$$50100not specified5 years7.3/10

Bose 151 SE Review:

Bose 251 - pair
$$$$100200not specified5 years8.8/10

Bose 251 Review:

Bose Free Space 51 In Ground - pair
$$$$$50100not specified5 years7.5/10

Bose Freespace 51 Review:


Boston Acoustics

SpeakerPriceNominal Power (watts)Peak Power (watts)Frequency Response Range (Hertz)WarrantyOur Rating & Full Review

SoundWare Coaxial Speaker - single
$not specified10090 - 20,0005 years8.2/10

Boston Acoustics SoundWare Review:

Voyager 70 - pair
$$$$$not specified35057 - 22,0005 years8.2/10

Boston Acoustics Voyager 70 Review:


Definitive Technology

SpeakerPriceNominal Power (watts)Peak Power (watts)Frequency Response Range (Hertz)WarrantyOur Rating & Full Review

AW 6500 - single
$$$not specified20040 - 30,0005 years8.8/10

Definitive Technology AW 6500 Review:

AW 5500 - single
$$not specified17545 - 30,0005 years8.7/10

Definitive Technology AW 5500 Review:


Grace Digital Ecoxgear

SpeakerPriceNominal Power (watts)Peak Power (watts)Frequency Response Range (Hertz)WarrantyOur Rating & Full Review

Ecoxbt Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
$6not specified135 - 17,0001 year9.1/10

Ecoxgear Ecoxbt Review:



JBL is a widely recognized brand among audiophiles, particularly for it’s production of professional grade speakers for things like dance clubs and concert touring. In fact, they have a independent subsidiary, JBL Professional, that is dedicated to professional grade audio equipment.

JBL only has a few outdoor speakers in their line up, and our consensus is that they are generally under powered and overpriced. We think that outdoor home-grade speakers just aren’t the main focus of this otherwise highly acclaimed company. Some of their speakers do get very favorable reviews on Amazon.com, but the outdoor speakers from other brands such as Klipsch or Yamaha generally beat the JBL outdoor speakers in price, power, and quality. However, prices do fluctuate, so keep your eyes peeled for good deals. And, it’s entirely possible that JBL could release an amazing outdoor speaker in the near future. See below for a sortable table of popular JBL outdoor speakers. You can learn more about our rating system here.

SpeakerPriceNominal Power (watts)Peak Power (watts)Frequency Response Range (Hertz)WarrantyOur Rating & Full Review

Northridge N24AWII - pair
$$not specified10075 - 20,0005 years7.4/10

Northridge N26AW - pair
$$not specified12580 - 20,0005 years7.3/10

Control One Monitor - pair
$$not specified10080 - 20,0005 years6.9



Klipsch is among the top speaker manufacturers in the world, and is considered one of the premiere brands by audiophiles. The company was founded in 1946 and now produces hundreds of audio products from speakers, to headphones, to microphones, and of course outdoor speakers.

Klipsch produces some of the best products on the market for an outdoor sound system. Two of their products are among our top outdoor speaker picks. The reason we love this brand is because Klipsch produces speakers with great power and high quality sound while being very reasonably priced. Moreover, all of their all weather speakers are supported with a lifetime warranty. In fact, if one of their units needs to be replaced and has been discontinued, they say they will replace it with a newer and better model! You know that a company truly believes in the quality of it’s products with that kind of support.

Check out this sortable chart below which summarizes Klipsch products, and also has links to our full reviews of the products. You can learn more about our rating system here.

PriceNominal Power (watts)Peak Power (watts)Frequency Response Range (Hertz)WarrantyOur Rating & Full Review

Klipsch KHO-7 - pair
$$7530065 - 20,000lifetime9.1/10

Klipsch KHO-7 Review:

Reference Series Loudspeaker - pair
$$$$8534070 - 20,000lifetime8.5/10

Klipsch AW-650 Review:

AWR650SM Rock Speaker - single
$$5010066 - 20,000lifetime9.1/10

Klipsch AWR-650-SM Review



SpeakerPriceNominal Power (watts)Peak Power (watts)Frequency Response Range (Hertz)WarrantyOur Rating & Full Review

Niles RS6 Rock Speaker - single
$$$not specified15060 - 21,000lifetime8.8/10

Niles RS6 Review:



Polk Audio makes a wide variety of home, outdoor, and automobile speakers, and is a very popular brand. Unfortunately they don’t specify the nominal operating power on their products, which is somewhat unfavorable. We’ve found, to be honest, that some of their higher end outdoor products tend to be overpriced for the specs they bring to the table.

However, we’ve seen certain models retail for heavily discounted prices. It just goes to show you how important it is to price compare before choosing an outdoor speaker product. Most Polk outdoor speaker models also get very favorable reviews on Amazon.com, which we do consider in our rating system.


SpeakerPriceNominal Power (watts)Peak Power (watts)Frequency Response Range (Hertz)WarrantyOur Rating & Full Review

Atrium 4 - pair
$not specified8075 - 25,0002 years7.3/10

Polk Atrium 4 Review:

Atrium 5 - pair
$$$not specified10060 - 25,0002 years7.0/10

Atrium 6 - pair
$$$$not specified10050 - 27,0002 years6.7/10


TDK electronics is a global corporation that was originally founded in 1935, and produces a wide variety of electronic products both for commercial and personal use. In the recent past they have entered the wireless speaker market, with a line up of various boomboxes and other wireless speakers.

As of now TDK only has one wireless outdoor speaker in their line up, but it just so happens to be our top pick for a wireless weatherproof speaker. You can see it in the sortable chart below for TDK Outdoor Speakers. We’ll be sure to review and add any new products that come along in the future.

SpeakerPriceNominal Power (watts)Peak Power (watts)Frequency Response Range (Hertz)WarrantyOur Rating & Full Review

TDK A33 Wireless Weatherproof Speaker
$$15not specifiednot specified1 year8.9/10

TDK A33 Review:



Yamaha is one of the larger and more well known brands in the music niche, and they produce a wide variety of electronic audio equipment and music instruments. Audiophiles have long considered Yamaha to be one of the premiere makers of speakers. Yamaha is a particular standout in the outdoor speaker niche for their high quality products at very affordable prices.

Some people don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a high end outdoor sound system that can blow their hair off. And, to be perfectly frank, these same people probably don’t need a super high powered outdoor sound system for what they want it to do. If you’re looking for an inexpensive set of outdoor speakers to play music for yourself or small gatherings outside, then Yamaha is a great brand to look into.

SpeakerPriceNominal Power (watts)Peak Power (watts)Frequency Response Range (HertzWarrantyOur Rating & Full Review

NS-AW150 - pair
$3512055 - 40,0002 years8.4/10

Yamaha NS-AW150 Review:

NS-AW350 - pair
$4013055 - 40,0002 years8.3/10

Yamaha NS-AW350 Review: